Kakapo Token

Thinking about investing in cryptos? Why not save the planet while at it. We donate the majority of every transaction to charity.

Kakapo Token is now available on pancakeswap.finance

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Big bird, bigger dream 🦜

Almost 4,000,000,000 species have gone extinct, since the beginning of life on Earth. Our mission is to do our best to prevent that number from increasing. Each Kakapo token symbolizes the species that have gone extinct.

Our initial goal is to save the Kakapo from extinction, and many more animals will follow.

Kakapo Token is a crypto-community that protects endangered animals

We invite you to make a difference in the battle to save our planet and to protect its biodiversity.
By getting a hold of a Kakapo token, you will help to protect a large variety of animals that are highly endangered starting from New Zealand based Kākāpō birds. Let’s act together - the time is now!


There will be 3,998,434,323 tokens, which is the approximate number of species that have gone extinct on Earth.









* Marketing pool includes marketing, development and operational costs.

Every transaction contributes directly to charity.

Tokenomics will get applied when you trade/swap Kakapo Token through Pancake Swap, or any other decentralized swap, where Kakapo Token liquidity has been provided.

On BUY, there will be 10% fee. The majority of it will be immediately sent to the Kakapo Token charity wallet, where it will be exchanged for BNB and distributed to charity organizations.

There will also be a 10% fee on SELL. The majority will also be immediately transferred to the Kakapo Token charity wallet, where it will be exchanged for BNB and ultimately directed to charity organizations.

A portion of the fees collected will be utilized to further market and develop the Kakapo Token, while the remainder will be automatically sold to Pancake Swap and added and locked as liquidity forever.


The Kakapo is a big bird, but its dream and vision are even larger. The team is working on a number of features that will allow $kakapo to preserve all endangered species and aid the planet.

  • Phase 1

    - Q4 2021

    Kakapo token presale starts pinksale.finance and becomes available in Pancake Swap.

    Our mission begins by aiding Kakapos in New Zealand expanding to a variety of other endangered animals soon after.

    • Website launch
    • Community launch
    • Social Media launch
    • Pinksale launch on World Wildlife Conservation Day - December 4th
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Pancake Swap Launch
  • Phase 2

    - Q1 2022

    We will launch the NFT experience to support Kakapos and other endangered animals.
    We will bring their personality traits to the experience by utilizing NFT’s. Much like each individual is unique so are each of the NFT’s. The uniqueness connects the alarming status of endangeded animals closer to our every day life.

    • Kakapo Genesis NFT collection (some say that you can find hidden seeds already in December at Slush)
    • Additional Smart NFT collections
    • Endangered Wildlife Metaverse
    • Leaderboards
  • Phase 3

    - Q2 2022

    We will open the opportunity for good environmental causes to apply our program.
    We need to keep our oceans clean and protect our forests to sustain life on our planet.

    • KakapoWallet for managing your tokens and NFT's
  • Phase 4

    We will continue supporting and aiding verified environmental causes supporting our global ecosystem.

    • Tools for charities
    • Exchange listings
    • DAO voting mechanism
    • Further milestones

How can I buy?

Saving Kakapo is techincal, yet easy. You can follow our 4 step quide, or dive deeper into how the decentralized exchanges work by watching the tutorial from the link below.

How to get $kakapo?

The team behind $Kakapo

The team is made up of entrepreneurs and tech industry specialists who are all on a mission to accomplish good.
wrapkit wrapkit
Petri Kuivala
CEO at Blackfinity

Access control and property security specialist. I have solid 25 years experience from security field. My main focus has been on large security system projects as project manager. It usually requires all over responsibility and know it all- attitude.

wrapkit wrapkit
Jesse Lohisto
Business Development Manager at Infobric Group

During past six years I've been passionate business developer, spending my time finding new ways to take advantage of digital solutions in wide variety of fields.

wrapkit wrapkit
Sami Vepsäläinen
COO at Hypercell

at Hypercell I have come to realize the concrete need of protecting our nature and the growing need to utilize technology that can help to save our planet.

wrapkit wrapkit
Tommi Hippeläinen
CEO and CTO of Hypercell

20+ years of experience around technology in various fields, including as Chief Architect at IBM. Passionate in making things more efficient with the help of technology.

wrapkit wrapkit
Jesse Lempiäinen
CEO at Geeklab

I worked at Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, before launching Geeklab, so you might say our feathered friends have a particular place in my heart.